Providing Cleaner Cars and a Cleaner Environment



At Baird Brothers Express, GO C.L.E.A.N. is our motto; and our philosophy. In addition to providing Central Texas with a process for getting your car brag–worthy clean, we seek to raise the standards for car washes everywhere. Stop washing your car the old-fashioned way, and start washing the Baird Brothers way.

C- Conserve

Baird Brothers utilizes both water and energy saving systems with every wash. This allows us to recycle H2O while we reduce our carbon footprint

L- Locally Owned & Operated

We know our customers. We encourage and invite you to join our extended family

E- Eco Friendly

We are proud to include environmentally safe soaps and waxes in our daily operation.

A- Advanced

We don’t mind setting the bar high. We are always seeking new and innovative technology to provide our customers with the best our industry has to offer.

N- Noteworthy

We are not your average car wash; we prefer to do things differently.

International Carwash Association: WaterSavers 


Baird Brothers Express Car Wash is a recognized participant in the WaterSavers program of the International Carwash Association. In order to take part in this program, we must follow strict guidelines concerning our water treatment, usage, and efficiency of equipment. We aim to educate and demonstrate our leadership in water conservation by minimizing environmental impacts through everyday action. Our wash locations are equipped with 5,000 gallon reclaim tanks that recover the water used during daily operations. We then filter and circulate the water so it can be used again in our tunnels. This system allows us to recycle approximately 70% of the water we use.


Why we Use Water Savers: Click Through to see how we’ve Partnered to Save the World